Princess Diana was first and foremost a mother to her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Lest we forget that despite the loss we feel, one can never know the pain those boys have endured. This page is my first attempt at such and therefore is brief, but to the point. I have opted to put pictures of William, Harry and Diana on here, but I sincerely hope that neither of the boys ever steps into the role Princess Diana endured her entire royal life. My deepest wish is that the boys continue to grow in the manner in which Diana would have wanted. For thier sakes, I again wish that the media frenzy surrounding their mother will stop here and not project onto them. Although, I realize that is not likely. Perhaps we all have something to do with Diana's death. If we had not been so interrested, the media would not have supplied the photos. It was very hard not to wonder what she was like, or how she was doing, for many of us grew up watching her. We all wanted the fairy tale to work, but never really stopped to think how our actions may be effecting it. How can anyone live in a fish bowl as she did? I envied her many times, but I can honestly say, I would not have traded places with her for all the tea in China. On the surface it was such a glamourous life, but in reality it was a living hell. Perhaps now she will find that eternal peace she craved so much here. God bless you Diana, and keep Prince William and Prince Harry under your loving, watchfull eye.

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